The Chinese Missions Convention is a 4-day event with over 30 years of history that has one purpose: to see people unleashed for God’s global glory.

4 Days

CMC gives you space to listen to God. Come here to reflect and pray; to get away and hear from God. Take time to discern the next steps in your faith journey and be inspired by those who are following God’s call on their life.

Every end of a year is a new beginning. What will yours be?

Going Beyond

Go outside the walls of your church and taste community with over 2500 men and women, young and old, from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Gain a fresh perspective on living out the Christian life; forge new friendships that might last a lifetime! At CMC you will not just hear stories but meet face to face with people who are in love with God’s global mission! We all need help to move forward and make a difference in our community and beyond.

Joy to the World

The depth of joy everyone yearns for is found only in Jesus Christ. Yet this joy is easily lost or diluted in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The gospel sends us out with an identity and a purpose. CMC is a unique opportunity to re-learn this gospel and rediscover our joy in following Jesus.

With speakers from around the world, family-friendly activities and youth service projects, get excited about discerning God’s call and charting a new direction for you and your family in living out God’s joy and love to the world.


Uncompromised Commitment to the Gospel Message

We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for our world. CMC is committed to the Gospel message of redemption, the call to repentance, and the timeless biblical truth of salvation by grace through faith. We believe in the urgency of the Gospel message, for apart from faith in Christ there is no salvation. At every convention we call men and women to take up the cross in obedience to the call of Jesus.

Missions Program Designed for Both Singles and Families

Unique to CMC is the full missions program designed to equip people from every seasons of life, from children, youth, to singles, families and empty-nesters. Through dynamic speakers, creative programming, fun interactive activities, and service projects, CMC brings a life-changing, missions-education program to help form a heart for missions for everyone.

Uniting the Body of Christ to do Missions & Learn from Each Other

CMC is an inter-church, inter-denominational missions convention for the local church, through a broad partnership between the local church, mission organizations, and Ambassadors for Christ (AFC). As different churches and organizations join forces together in missions and learn form each other, the entire body grows stronger. We believe this close collaboration from start to finish forms a rich synergy to bring great joy to the body of Christ and even greater glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Passion to Launch a Discipleship Movement in the Chinese World

If the Great Commission is about discipleship, then a mission convention must also be about discipleship. Our conviction is that every Christian should be a disciple and a disciple-maker. CMC is deeply passionate about equipping Chinese believers and churches to overcome the many traditional barriers to relational discipleship, and to launch and nurture a disciple-making movement that will unleash kingdom builders to make strong disciples in the Chinese world and for all nations.


CMC Vision: To see a movement of millions of Kingdom builders UNLEASHED globally and locally

CMC Mission: To inspire, equip and mobilize Christ followers to become reproducing Kingdom-builders

CMC South Goals: Unleash 500 CHRIST FOLLOWERS for God’s Global Glory who will

  • Commit to know and love God
  • Commit to share and show God’s love
  • Commit to become disciple-makers

CMC Values: These values represent our conviction

  1. The Centrality of God’s Glory and Lordship in Our Lives
  2. The Need for Personal Repentance and Sanctification
  3. The Power and Urgency of the Gospel Message
  4. Every Christian a Disciple and Disciple-maker
  5. Commitment to build up the Local Church
  6. Raising a New Generation of Leaders
  7. Conversant with our Culture and Society
  8. Uniting local churches for increased Kingdom impact and glory
  9. Inclusive of both Global and Local Perspectives

Purpose and History

It has been said that we live in the best and the worst of times. There are more Christians today than ever before in the history of the world. And yet there are still nine unsaved people for every one believer. 3 billion people remain unreached for Jesus Christ: 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.7 billion from other people groups. God has given us tremendous resources: His Word and His people. He has uniquely gifted us so that together as individuals, as families, and as local churches we can be unleashed for His global glory.

CMC seeks to be used by God to minister to both Chinese and English speaking believers of Chinese churches. For over 30 years, God has used AFC to partner with churches and other para-church organizations via CMC to mobilize, inspire and equip over 30,000 believers and family members of all ages on the East and West Coasts. CMC has been a special place for inter- and intra-church unity, to promote the common goal of making reproducing disciples globally and locally. Over 5,000 have made public commitments to take steps to be unleashed for God’s global glory.

Through CMC West 2017 in Ontario, we desire to champion the gospel of Jesus Christ with conviction, courage, compassion and joy, linking hearts with fellow believers locally and nationally. When combined together and empowered by the Holy Spirit we can be unleashed for God’s global glory in immeasurably more ways than anyone can ask, think or imagine!

“God is not asking whether you can, God is asking, are you willing? If you are willing, God can.”

Rev. Moses Chow, AFC Co-founder, at CMC ‘98


Partner churches and organizations

Sponsoring Churches

  • Austin Chinese Church
  • Clear Lake Chinese Church
  • Collin County Chinese Fellowship Church
  • Fort Bend Community Church
  • West Houston Chinese Church

Partner Churches

  • Agape Christian Bookstore

  • American Chinese Fellowship

  • Arlington Chinese Church

  • Arlington Chinese Bible Church

  • Austin Chinese Church

  • Carrollton Chinese Church

  • Chinese Baptist Church of Houston

  • Chinese Bible Church

  • Chinese Christian Church of Greater Jackson

  • Chinese Christian Herald Crusade

  • Chinese Christian Mission Houston

  • Chinese Lutheran Church

  • Christian Communication Inc. USA

  • Christian Creative Communication Center

  • Church of the Living God

  • Clear Lake Chinese Church

  • Collin County Chinese Fellowship Church

  • Creekside Chinese Church

  • Dallas Chinese Bible Church

  • Dallas Chinese Christian Minister Fellowship

  • Dallas Chinese Fellowship Church

  • Dallas Theological Seminary

  • Evangelical Formosan Church of Nasa

  • First Baptist Lafayette Chinese Ministry

  • First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas

  • First Chinese Baptist Church of San Antonio

  • First Taiwanese Lutheran Church

  • Formosan Christian Church of Dallas

  • Fort Bend Community Church

  • Frisco Community Bible Church

  • Grace Bible Mandarin Church

  • Grace Chapel

  • Herald Monthly, Houston

  • Highland Park Chinese Church

  • Houston Chinese Christian Business Association

  • Houston Chinese Christian Minister Fellowship

  • Houston Chinese Church

  • Houston Chinese Grace Memorial Church

  • Houston Northeast Chinese Baptist Church

  • International Chinese Christian Business Association

  • Katy Christian Community Church

  • Light & Salt Association

  • New Heart Music Ministries

  • New Life Gospel Church at Lewsville

  • Plano Chinese Alliance Church

  • San Antonio Chinese Church

  • Southwest Chinese Baptist Church

  • Tallowood Chinese Baptist Church

  • West Houston Chinese Church

  • West University Chinese Church

  • Wichita Chinese Church

To find out more about becoming a supporting church contact us HERE.

Contact Us By email - cmc@afcinc.org By phone - 717 687 8564

About the sponsoring organization, AFC:

Since its founding in June 1963, God has entrusted Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) with a unique and strategic ministry. Exciting things are happening at AFC as we focus on this vision of reaching Chinese intellectuals for Christ and mobilizing them as a vital mission force for God's Kingdom through evangelizing, equipping, and discipling. We seek to accomplish this mission via four primary areas of ministry: Campus, Discipleship and Training, Literature, and Mission Mobilization.

The Great Commission is an integral part of AFC’s mission. CMC was started in 1983 by Rev. Moses Chow, co-founder of AFC, who himself was a cross-cultural missionary sent by the Chinese church in China to Indonesia. Today, Chinese Mission Conventions are held in the US East Coast, West Coast, and South, as well as UK and Europe.

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